Updating Your Real Estate Portfolio


At some point circumstances change or goals are achieved. It becomes apparent that the time has come to re-evaluate an asset and where it fits in your overall plan.

We have assisted numerous owners in the disposition of assets and can do an evaluation that will help you see if the time is right. Our extensive experience combined with personal connections in private equity and with family offices and personal investors has allowed us to facilitate sales around the world. We understand the importance of creating the right environment for a successful transaction.

Every commercial real estate transaction has a large number of participants from buyer and seller to government officials and local community leaders. As hotel consultants, we have worked with them all and understand what is important to each.


  • Access to high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors
  • Market assessment and comp set analysis
  • Positioning to achieve the highest valuation
  • Highly selective approach in presenting qualified buyers
  • Contract negotiations to achieve the maximum benefit to ownership

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